Education Technology Lookback

I thought that this course gave so much insight into different things that could be used in the classroom. I never thought about how a simple iPad or a computer screen or even a whiteboard could change the feel of a lesson or a classroom environment for students and the teacher. I loved that we got to get introduced with a range of different technology options to use in lessons and get to play with them throughout class presentations. I thought that we were all able to truly understand the range of devices at the end of each class and it made me look forward to going into my practicum site every week because I would get the chance to try and incorporate these different things into lessons or even just look for any examples that my cooperating teachers may have used during their lessons. I think that the iPad apps and the ebook classes really helped more than anything else because those two things are very popular for students and young kids in todays world. When I incorporated an iPad into one of my lessons with my student, she completely lit up about getting to do something different and something “fun” in comparison to her normal pencil and paper work. I think that technology makes learning more fun for younger students and it definitely made our marathon class more interesting as well. There was always more than one way to look at each tool that we were focusing on during the class time and I think that we all took so many different things away from using the technology on our own and as a class as well as trying to bring it into our teaching each week. I think that all teachers should take a course like this because it just gives insight about what is good to use in the classroom and how to use it properly in order for students to get the most out of using it.


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