Assistive Tech In The Classroom

I found a great website that had 8 tools that could be used as aids for assistive technology in the classroom. They included screen readers, word talk, work prediction, Supernova Access Suite, Video Magnifiers, Close Captioning and subtitling, face mouse, and sip and puff systems. Some of these things I have heard of before but the two things that really struck my attention were the word talk and the sip and puff system that could be used on the computer in the classroom. The word talk can be downloaded into microsoft word and it allows any type of document to be read aloud and they can also be turned into audio files right through the computer. This helps with students who have vision challenges and its great because there can be shortcuts that are put into the keyboard in order to make it easier for the student or the person to reach the audio tools with ease. This also helps with students who struggle with reading because it allows them to have more than one way to understand the materials that are in front of them. The other tool that I found interesting was the sip and puff system that can be used on a computer. It is a hook up to the computer that has a mouth piece and that allows the student who may be paralyzed to control the computer. This device can also scan different worksheets that may be included with the course materials. It is an easier way for someone who cannot move as well or not at all to get to use all of the technology that is available in the classroom along with everyone else.



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