Thoughts On Taking Educational Technology

I have had a great experience taking this course, and I have learned a lot of ways that I can incorporate educational technology into the classroom. Taking this course has allowed me to see the various ways we can incorporate technology like audiobooks, apps, educational TV, videos, and virtual field trips to make learning exciting and fun for students. I now know so many different ways I can include technology in my lessons, and I realized when teaching my own lesson using tech that it can actually be a lot of fun for the teacher too! As future educator, I want to make sure I continue to implement technology in my lessons so that students are not only more engaged, but also so that they can learn and express their responses in a different mode making them more diverse learners.

I used to think negatively about using educational technology because I often heard how people have difficulty setting it up in the classroom and working with the technology. I think it is important that teachers address their hesitation on technology and get themselves more equipped on how to use it. Teachers need to start incorporating technology into the classroom because we live in a technological world. The ISTE standards we went over last week are proof to show that we need to evolve our instruction to include technology because students need to be better equipped on using technology in their careers. If teachers implement the use of technology early on, this will allow students to be able to move on and do more advanced work with technology which will get them ready for the real world.

Therefore, I am very grateful that I have taken this course and I think it is actually one of the most beneficial courses I have taken at college. This course has taught me how to incorporate technology into my lesson and it also made me want to continue to find and work with different tech so that my students can ultimately learn what I am teaching them.




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