Reflecting on EDU 470

Looking back on this semester, I really enjoyed this class and found it incredibly useful for my future classroom.  I have always wanted to use technology because I have seen how it engages students and will enhance the quality of a lesson over all.  Two of the biggest take aways for me that I will definitely incorporate in my future classroom are the apps to help students learn, and the methods of formative assessment.  After playing around with Hooked on Phonics, and other applications that practice oral reading fluency, spelling and comprehension, I think these could greatly benefit a classroom.  I’ve thought about when students could use these applications, maybe use it as a reward for after students complete their classwork or as a warm up into a literacy lesson (if students have headphones).  Children love playing with iPads, so we as teachers might as well take that interest and use it to help them learn.  These applications are a fun, engaging way for students to learn and practice, review or work on their reading or math skills.  As for technology with formative assessment, I think the Kahoot especially would be a great warm up activity into a lesson, to review from the previous days, or simply to refresh students’ minds or get their brains focused again on the topic of that particular subject.  Kahoot is a very open ended assessment, that teachers can use for any subject.  It is a very simple, less intense and more of a fun way to assess students without the stress and anxiety of a formal quiz or test.  I will definitely be using applications on iPads and technology formative assessments in my classroom, to keep my students engaged and interested in the lessons.


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