Experience with the Blog

I have really enjoyed WordPress this semester.  I find the website very easy to work, with a lot of helpful features such as adding a featured image, it automatically saves your work as you are typing, and provides various ways to post a blog.  I have never blogged before, but this was a great website for my first experience.  I really enjoyed the freedom with blogging, and reading others posts.  I learned a lot from reading my peers posts and getting different opinions and views.  I like the flexibility, openness and how it is so simple and straight forward to work.  I think WordPress would be a great blog to use in a classroom of 5th graders because they can post, look at peers posts, comment and learn from one another.  The teacher can also project the class blog and point out some students’ blogs that were exceptionally well done and interesting.  Students’ writing will also improve and the blog is a more laid back way of writing instead of the standard five paragraph essay.  Overall, I had a great experience with WordPress and will definitely use it in my future classroom!


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