Class Reflection

Technology in education has been one of the classes I have most enjoyed thus far in my second semester. I felt I have gained a lot of new perspectives on ways to incorporate and better use technology in my future classroom. I enjoyed having these weekly blog post, as I could read and learn from my fellow classmates post, and relate it to a way I could use to my advantage/ expand my thinking. Another aspect of this course that I liked in particular was the use of the class’ time, I liked having the group presentations, and then learning from Dr. Zipke- as the class was not only listening to a lecture but actually having an interactive hands on class- that actually got to use these various technology.

I also felt that my knowledge of incorporating technology in the classroom has expanded of just the basic use of technology regarding showing videos and using power points. I have found myself after this class thinking of interactive ways that my students can use, that helps their learning grow and personally change the way they may think/learn. I think by introducing technology in a fun interactive way motivates students and makes the classroom an advancing learning place. I will miss having this class, as I thoroughly enjoyed taking it, and learning about various kinds of technology, such as distance learning, assistive technology, different learning apps, and blog sites, etc.


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