Advantages of Technology in the Classroom

I chose this article because it provides many advantages to technology in the classroom that never even crossed my mind.  I always thought technology would be beneficial in the classroom because it makes learning more fun and keeps the students engaged, but there are more reasons to use technology in a classroom, that not everyone is aware of.  This article claims that “technology prepares students for the future, improved retention rate, helps students learn at their own pace, and connects with students” (Janelle Cox).  These reasons make me want to use technology in my own classroom even more than just to keep the students engaged and for a fun lesson.  Now I see that students need to learn at some point how to use technology, since it is advancing so quickly and being used throughout society today.  Further, students tend to retain more information when technology is involved in the lesson.  Technology helps students learn at their own pace because mostly all applications involve individualized instruction, so students will learn at a rate that is appropriate for their learning needs and abilities.  Lastly, while students are not in school, technology allows them to connect to any lessons they missed, homework, power points, to catch them up so when they return to school, they are not as far behind.

My younger brother has all of his homework and textbooks online. The teachers post everything online, even what they did in class, key points to the lesson to remember, and homework assignments.  This has been helpful for my little brother because if he is absent, or forgets his agenda book, all of the homework and information are posted online for him to access and complete.  He has a routine, and knows what he needs to do, and does not have to worry about losing an assignment because it is all online.  I think this has been very beneficial for him, and he said teachers also find it much easier and organized when everything is online.




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