Technology Reflection

I think that overall this class was extremely beneficial to opening my eyes to all the forms of technology that can be used as a teacher.  With the dependency that we have on technology today, it it very important to incorporate it into students learning.  I think that a lesson that stuck out to me was the lesson on the smart boards.  I thought that it was very interesting the difference between the two boards and also to learn that smart boards were extremely outdated.  Discussing our thoughts on the different types of technology all semester made me realize how creative you can get as a teacher with technology.  I also realized how helpful technology it can be in special education.  Assistive technology plays a huge role in how much a student is able to do.  Learning about something like speech-to-text or text-to-speech enables students who may have difficulties with reading or writing to keep up with assignments going on in class.  Overall I feel like I used to be scared I wouldn’t be able to handle using technology in my lessons but now I see it as something that evens out the playing field for all students


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