How Special Education Students Can Benefit from Technology

The article that I read states that children with learning disabilities often have better technology skills than their teachers and are drawn to computers and other gadgets, so using them in the classroom makes perfect sense. For children with physical disabilities, technology can give access to learning opportunities previously closed to them. I think this is true for some students, but not all. However, I think the majority of students can definitely benefit from the use of technology. The article states some examples of technology that can be helpful. E-readers help students turn book pages without applying dexterity, and voice adaptive software can help students answer questions without needing to write. Computers are engaging and more advanced than the typical modified lesson allows. Other technologies include a Voice Thread, which is a software program that captures student voices and photos in order to collaborate on a topic. It is a technological substitute for written papers and allows students freedom to narrate their own projects. Sounding Board is an app on an Ipad/Itouch that lets a student turn their device into a story board communicator. Students with writing disabilities and communication disorders can use the symbols to create their own messages in the same way that traditional symbol boards work, but easily and with a limitless supply of symbols. In my current practicum classroom, there is a student with CP and he had trouble holding the glue stick and glueing the matching pictures to the term. I think it would have been more beneficial if he had a an iPad, where he could drag the pictures on the screen to the matching term. In addition, incorporating technology into a lesson can help motivate and engage students.


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