Digital Photography

The article assigned for our digital photography unit explains two different cases in which digital video cameras have been integrated each of their essay writing processes.  They used three approaches, including oral speech, a visual, and the act of pointing.  Essentially, the article helped demonstrate the way in which research in this area can help student development and learning.  Specifically, the study sought to benefit “technology-oriented students who no longer benefit from single-mode approaches to academic literacy outcomes.”  This is one very narrow subset of assistive technology as a whole, as digital video cameras are being investigated through this research in an effort to cater to specific learner profiles who would benefit from using them.  One way that data from this study can be applied in practice is with ELL students, like Case A.  The article explains, “Case A illustrates bringing together speech, a visual, and the act of pointing to create context and meaning for the small camera and imagined audience he is trying to reach with his writing, thus creating the same broad contextual structure emphasized in Tomasello’s (2003) descriptions of Joint Attentional Scenes.”  In this way, when utilizing the tactics of pointing, visuals, and oral speech, digital video cameras can be a great way for students who do not have an especially strong command of the english language to answer prompts or expand upon topics provided.


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