Taking tests on the Computer


We have all taken the Praxis on a computer, and we have all taken the SAT or ACT on paper. Which is better. The praxis allows us to know our scores right away, while the SAT or ACT takes about 3 weeks before reporting out. Personally I thought taking the test online was much less stressful. The time remaining was always visible. It was clear you were answering the question you intended to, and there was a simple way to see which ones you wanted to check over. Schools are all using online testing now as an assessment tool. When I was a kid everything was hand written, and the stress set in as soon as the pencil broke. Is using computerized tests the way all tests and quizzes should be in the classroom, and not just the standardized ones? Possibly. According to the website above there are 26 tools to do so, so why not give it a try and see if the same information is tested better on paper or on the computer. Test to see if this testing is the most accurate way to see if our students are learning.


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