Distance Learning Schools? Virtual Open Houses? Oak Meadow School, VT

When I first heard this term ‘Distance Learning’, I immediately became intrigued on what context I should infer this phrase to mean. As I began to research a little more about it, its advantages and disadvantages, and also its basic use especially in a elementary or school setting I started to favor it- but also I think learning does prosper more in a classroom setting- with the teacher and peers.

As we see with many children today- the prevalence of technology is present and used for the most part in every child’s life. While technology is important towards learning and enhancing the world- this sense of realness and social skills is sometimes lost in children. I feel that eventually if distance learning became more prevalent it would be the sole form of education eventually- leaving the need for teachers to be minute. Although this is a extreme case of distance learning, I still agree that it offers a lot of pro’s towards learning.  I would favor distance learning as a resource or enhancement to learning, or also a resource for a student that is sick, or if the school has a snow day or so forth. As you look for a definition for distance learning, a quick and simple definition I found on Google to best describe it is:

“a method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or classes are conducted by correspondence or over the Internet, without the student’s needing to attend a school or college. Also called distance education.”
I soon discovered Oak Meadow School in VT, that is a school Pre-K to 12th, that is structured around distance learning.   It seemed almost not real- and I found it puzzling to think that the entire school is basically online. They had all their curriculum online, a virtual open house, and many more online features. This is the link to the website- which should definitely be checked out.   It is essentially home schooling online- that provides an accredited  curriculum. It is centered around this distance education.

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