Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology can help with learning disabilities. I think it is a great way to give extra support to students. Many technologies can enhance the learning process. In the article, there are several assistive technologies that are described. They include, electronic worksheets, phonetic spelling software, talking calculators, variable speed recorders and video-taped skills. These are creative devices that I would have never previously thought about. I think the variable speed recorders are the most interesting and effective.This allows students to record the teacher talking so that later on they can play it and listen to something they missed. A lot of students listen and comprehend at different paces. In addition, students often space out and do not pay attention to everything the teacher is saying. This can also help for when students have to complete homework and assignments. Moreover, I also think that assistive technology can be used for students of all ages. There are many forms of technology that can be altered for different learners. The link of this article is below.


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