Distance Learning


This article, which includes videos, shows student’s and teachers experiences with cyber learning. http://learningmatters.tv/blog/web-series/discuss-is-online-learning-beneficial-for-students/8731/

Before reading this article I never thought about most of the benefits that distance learning offers. I thought students should be part of a whole classroom and that students could not be fully engaged during an online class. I also did not think that students could participate in activities. However, I learned that there are many benefits, such as teaching with the student’s pace and proving personalized lesson plans. I believe this yep of learning style would work well for high school and college students since it requires independence. For elementary students, I believe a parent would be to be present and help assist the child.

Some benefits for the article include:

Individualized learning plans tailored to students’ unique learning styles and levels: Every student learns differently. Some learn quickly while others learn more slowly. Some learn visually while others learn by reading textbooks. Online education can tailor a learning plan to meet the unique needs of each learner.

Flexible scheduling: High school students today have a lot going on in their lives. Many students work to support themselves and their families, while others engage in time-consuming extracurricular activities like competitive sports. Online education gives students a flexible option that allows them to do what they need to do and graduate from high school at the same time. Online education provides this option as it can be completed anytime and anywhere.

Real-time monitoring of student progress and success: Online education leverages a web-based curriculum that tracks progress and success using high touch methods, instantly illustrating what work you’ve done, what information you know as a result and what you still need to learn to graduate on time.

I think another benefit is that students do not have to be afraid to ask questions and this way can learn more. This also allows students to pay attention and be fully engaged into the lesson.


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