Distance Learning

When I first saw that our discussion would be about distance learning I had no idea what to expect. I had heard the term mentioned before in class discussions but never really had a clear understanding of the main focus or point it was trying to convey. Scientific Journals has an article which explains distance learning as the student and teacher being separated by physical distance. I gathered that this meant students and teachers not in the same room and doing instruction via technology. More often than not, we find that many interviews are now being conducted via FaceTime as well as Skype. This has turned into the accepted norm with jobs, but also is being adopted by teachers and professors all over the world. The traditional norms expect students to be presently attentive within class, taking notes from a chalkboard. But now, people’s schedules have become more busy the point where the face to face contact is sometimes not a viable option. Teachers have taken it upon themselves to film themselves and put videos up on the class websites for students to watch and still be able to absorb the information as they would do within a regular lesson. I personally am not the largest fan of the distance learning concept due to the many technical difficulties which develop when online. It is often that when logged on to these websites there are large disconnects which affects the sound quality and clearness of what is being stated. In a regular classroom with face to face interaction these issues would never occur. Also, students do well learning particular information in a certain environment and have a better chance at retaining the information once they take an assessment in the same place they learned it. The studies conducted within the journal showed that some students benefited from the distance learning due to their busy schedules, but most performed better within the actual classroom with the teacher.


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