Distance Learning


I recently signed up to take a course online for this coming summer and I had never heard of the term “distance learning.” Right after the idea of taking a “distance learning” class was brought up to me, the next comment that was made was regarding how expensive it would be. The article that I looked at stated in its first sentence that distance learning was trying to help with the rising cost of a higher education because of technological advances. It is actually considered to be one of the most expensive ways to learn but it is actually very practical. Everything is available to a student on the world wide web and the class can reach to new levels when the student has the freedom and the power to research topics throughout the web regardless where they are in the world. Electronics will soon be taking over the classroom and distance learning shows how teachers and students can use all of these things in the best way possible. Teachers can manage more students and lectures can be available to students in multiple forms. There are downsides to distance learning because some students may not value the actual act of learning within a classroom and attending school when they have the ability to take part in distance learning. Communications also don’t compare to face to face interaction between the student and the teacher when they take part in distance learning.


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