Pros and Cons to Distance Learning

5 pros to distance learning

  1. You are able to set your own schedule and when you want to sit down and work on the course that you are enrolled in.  Creates flexibility
  2. Able to work during the day and continue to learn at the same time.  The idea of learning and earning at the same time.
  3. You are not bound by geography.  You can choose the right online course that suites your needs.  You do not have to be able to physically get somewhere at a certain time.
  4. Saves money on gas, books.  Also because you are able to set the pace you could graduate quicker and have less educational costs
  5. Creates a technologically savvy  course where you are able to try all sorts of different forms of online learning.

5 cons to distance learning

  1. The quality and validity of online learning is questionable
  2. Many people are disadvantaged by the lack of interaction between the students and professor and may not be able to take away as much as they would if it was in an actual classroom.
  3. The learning is self directed which may not be great for all learners.  Students need to be focussed and disciplined on their own which is not always the case.
  4. Temptation to procrastinate.  Without serious deadlines daily students often may find themselves falling behind on their work.
  5. Missing out on personal and in class experiences

I have taken an online course myself and I feel like I agree with the pros and cons.  I did fine in the class but looking back I do not remember the material I learned very well because I felt like I was just going through the motions of getting the work done instead of actually taking the time to digest the material.  I think that distance learning is something that would not work very well for a lot of students because of the opportunity to set your own schedule and with that comes procrastination.


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