Distance Learning

Having taken two summer classes before, I have a fairly good understanding of distance learning. There are definitely a large amount of pros and cons to distance learning, or taking a fully online class.  Overall, I would rate distance learning in the form of an online course a 6/10.


  • complete at your own leisure
  • good for auditory learners
  • typically an “easy A”
  • can be anywhere in the world


  • no face to face interaction
  • very minimal peer collaboration
  • no opportunity to get to know your professor
  • if concepts are confusing, they need to be reexplained through email instead of with a new diagram online

These are just a few pros and cons of distance learning, but I am personally not a fan of it. Looking back at my two classes I took online, I still remember about 10% of the information that I was taught. These two classes were core requirements, so I do not believe that my education at PC has suffered from it, but I would definitely not recommend a distance learning class for a major/minor requirement.


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