Distance Learning

To be honest, I personally have never been a fan of distance learning.  I do very well sitting in a classroom, focusing on the material and being in the presence of a professor.  I had one terrible experience of distance learning when my professor skyped us from his vacation in Costa Rica.  He was sitting outside on the beach, while we, his students, gathered in a classroom.  It was hard to hear/understand him and there were many distractions while we were trying to learn.  Had he been in a room, it would have been better and easier to learn, however, I still did not like the experience.  Actually, I’m pretty sure he talked about the country of Costa Rica for 75% of our class time!  I will admit, this is a unique and unfortunate experience with distance learning.

Despite my negative opinions on distance learning, I know it is useful for many people.  Specifically, I think about parents, who want to receive more education, but simply do not have the time for it with their busy schedules.  Technology today is making it easier for them to learn “from a distance,” whether that be through apps or online.  There is only a touch of a button that separates a learner from an educator.  As technological improvements advance, I cannot help but think that more and more people will be receiving education through a screen in the future.


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