In my practicum classroom I have been exposed to two nonverbal students. They both have iPads and an App on it that helps to enhance their communication. The boards however are not as useful as I think they could be. The students forget to use it or press the wrong buttons. The use of these “boards” as they are referred to in the classroom does not come naturally to them. I don’t know if its the program it’s self or if the students just aren’t familiar enough with the technology. I however think that they could benifit greatly from an emerging AT called Prose. Prose is described as, “Revolutionary technology for people with communication challenges including Autism, Asperger’s, ALS, stroke, Aphasias, and other conditions which result in temporary or permanent verbal communication challenges.” It is a gesture-to-speech app powered by AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). It enables users to speak and display phrases aloud with gestures as simple as a single tap or swipe or as complex as multiswipe and shape gestures. Users create a library of their own words, phrases, or messages. I think that prose is the next big thing in AT.
Check it out at


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