Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is such a broad, umbrella term to explain how assistive devices help adults, children, people of all different ages to learn and function more easily. When I think of assistive technology, my brain automatically goes to a classroom with blatant technology available to all, however, assistive technology goes even further than what we normally think. Assistive technology can involve wheelchairs, pencil grips, organizers, seat cushions, etc. I think that assistive technology can be as simple as a pencil grip, but can have such an influence on a students ability to function easier. According to, “Assistive Technology in the Classroom | Helping Challenged Kids Get the Most from Learning,” explains how students who need help staying caught up in the material in classrooms, students with learning or physical disabilities, benefit the most from machine-oriented assistive technology.

The article states, “Current estimates, more than 4,000 different assistive technologies have been designed for students and teachers.” It is amazing how technology can excel these kids in school and truly make a difference in their everyday lives. Not only is it incredible for the students, but it definitely is for their family, teachers, and peers as well. Some interesting forms of assistive tech that I found are hearing/amplification devices that are ideal for hearing impaired students, glare-reduction screens, screen magnifiers, and Braille note-taking devices. It truly makes me wonder what these students did before this technology every existed. In conclusion, I have found that with every other pieces of technology, it is important to make sure students use their technology to it’s fullest. Proper training needs to be in place to make sure every student who needs this technology excel’s to his or her potential.


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