Why Put Audiobooks In The Classroom?

Why Audio Books in the Classroom?

Last week, I gave a presentation on audiobooks in the classroom and while I did incorporate this article in the presentation, I thought that it was interesting enough to bring it back up in a blog post. When it was discussed in class, this article only provided us with a few quotes on how a teacher reacted to one of her students changing their viewpoint on reading once they were able to use audiobooks. The second part of the article is even more interesting at least for me because it gives different ways audiobooks can help students fall in love with reading. She gave examples such as providing equity in reading experience. This means that all students regardless of their reading level have access to all of the same books. Another example was audiobooks giving a student a stronger and newer way to love learning. It is a completely different type of way to learn and it sparks interest in most students and makes them more willing to try different things while in the classroom or even at home. She also states that it is a different way for students to learn and it also gives teachers a different way to teach reading to students. The ease and ability to just reference a certain page or part of a text allows teachers to have students grasp a deeper understand on smaller parts of their books and stories. It also allows students and teachers to “read with their eyes” and it gives students the courage to read even if they struggle with certain aspects of the task. There are numerous ways that audiobooks can help students and teachers stay on the same page with reading and make it easier for lessons to take place and for students to do things on their own outside of their classroom.


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