Audiobooks are a method of learning that I have never been exposed to. I believe that the skill of reading a book is much more important in the elementary classroom than being able to analyze what happens, so audiobooks remove this critical skill. Audiobooks remove the act of reading, thus their educational purpose is to tell a story and allow students to have a clear understanding of the plot, characters, etc. I think audiobooks is a more useful tool for students who have become fluent in reading, and need a change to keep them interested. Audiobooks allow for students to stay more focused on the story and avoid distracting students around them. Audiobooks with the text on screen are much more promising than those who just have the student listen. Seeing the words as they are read gives the student multi-sensory reinforcement. Audiobooks without the text could lead to students day dreaming rather than continuously engaging in the text. Overall I would be cautious about bringing audiobooks into the classroom. I think they are more useful for homework or very occasional use.


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