Benefits of Audio books for All Readers

The author of this article discusses audio books and the opinions of many people on them. Some people consider audio books as cheating because they do not actually require one to read, just listen. They think listening to books is much different than reading books, making it not count as reading. The author counters this argument with the idea of what people consider the point of reading. If one considers that the main purpose of reading is to understand the content of the story or theme, then audio books would succeed. Audio books can be used to help English language learners, learning disabled-students, and struggling readers or non readers learn how to read, so they should be able to assist general education students in reading as well. I think audio books are good and bad. I think the audio books with the text on the screen are very beneficial to new readers because they can see and hear the word being pronounced at the same time, while also allowing them to go through the story at a normal speed. I think audio books without the text could be troublesome if that is the only tool being used to read. Without the text to focus on students can easily become distracted, which would then make it so they are not listening at all. An audio book that makes students do the physical act of reading while also listening seems to be the best option in my opinion.


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