Positive Podcasts


I think that using podcasts in the classroom is a great idea. It allows teachers to make more out of what might have been a boring research paper for students by giving them increased creativity. With the right guidelines like the ones mentioned in this US News article students still have to conduct research and develop an argument, but instead of persuading on paper they are forced to sway the listener through talking. I think this will help benefit students for presentations they will have to make in college or even in the real world, as being able to speak well is an extremely important skill. This will help students work on articulation and talking speed. I think podcasts can defiantly be beneficial in younger grades to. Maybe the students can make oral book reports that they can share with other students or family members in a sort of online book club. I also think that podcasts from outside sources can be extremely beneficial. There are so many podcasts out there that have expert information that can be informative and interesting to children. The best podcasts that I have been exposed to are TEDTalks. They have them covering a wide array of topics and are usually captivating and extremely informative. I have learned from these talks and have been opened up to a new way of thinking as a result of them. Podcasts have so many uses and are a positive tool that teachers should use in their classrooms.


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