Podcasts in the Classroom!


This website is a great resource for the different ways to use podcasts in the classroom. The website addresses several of these different ways to incorporate podcasts in the classroom.

Listening to Podcasts- this is a great way for students to gain information about a topic. This is a unique approach to learning. In most cases listening to a podcast would be more engaging for students that just reading an article (could be used as a reward for good behavior)

Making a Class Podcast- this is an awesome way for students to collaborate and share ideas. Students could all do independent research and share the information they learned with the class. Together, the class could put the information together to create a podcast. A teacher could assign a science concept that the students need to research and then make a podcast using what they learned. Students could also use a podcast for interviews.

Podcasts can really enhance how information is presented. Students can add music to their podcasts as well as different sound effects. Students can upload their podcasts to a class website for all their peers to view!


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