Making the Most Out of Movies in the Classroom

This article discusses the use of movies and videos in the classroom. The author begins the piece by stating “Most administrators will tell you they hate when teachers show movies in the classroom.  For the most part, I agree with them.” I think it was great that she started the article like this because it is true. It shows that the way the author used videos in the classroom must have been influential to the education of her students to write about how well it worked out for her. She talked about how she showed a movie about Korea and its dictatorship. One can read alot about these things, and even see pictures, but sometimes a movie can really reinforce an idea because it grabs the audiences attention in ways pictures and words cant. The author also made sure to not just let the students watch the movie, but also add in an assignment to do during the movie as well. I do not know how I feel about movie assignments because of my own personal experience with them. I have noticed that I become focused on the information that is being asked for on the worksheet and will actually not pay attention to anything else. I also feel as though constantly stopping the movie interupts the process of watching it, and makes students break their focus that may have taken a while to grasp.  I thought it was also great how the author added links to the end of the article to help teachers of all subject areas find videos that could be used as a great resource in their room. It shows that there are many choices that can benefit the students. I think movies are a great tool in the classroom, but I think it really depends on what movie or video it is, how it is connected to the lesson and what is done to reinforce what is seen.



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