Blogging is an excellent resource that allows for students to communicate their ideas freely. Blogs can be used for homework assignments and classroom activities. The are versatile in the sense that they can be used for students to create their own personal page, and have parents be able to see what their child is working on every day. Kids love having things that are their own, so blogs can be a great way for teachers to get the most out of their students. One possible use of a blog would be to have students keep a semester long journal about what they are learning. The students could customize their own page and work on their writing skills while creating something they care about. Students could be tasked with leaving comments on other students blogs, and eventually the class will have a better sense of community due to the increased communication between members. Students are in essence creating a type of yearbook that lasts forever and will always serve as a peek into what their life was like that year. Blogs are such a versatile classroom tool that can be used in various aspects of learning.


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