I have never been exposed to blogging as much as I have been this past semester in my education classes. At first I was hesitant, curious to see how blogging could enhance learning with students and if it was relevant. However, I have been pleasantly surprised the large effect blogging truly has on the classroom. Each week for this class even, we have to write a blog post explaining which information may have caught our attention this week or something we did not agree with. It gives us the opportunity to explore articles written on the internet and form our own opinion in an informal context. Blogging has caused me to think hard about what I have read for the week and the points I wish to highlight in a short post. I think that this idea of blogging goes much further than just college students, and that it can apply to students all the way down to elementary school. Given that students are becoming more tech savvy everyday, this will be quite easy for students to grasp. The article I read for the week discusses that parents can also be apart of the blogging experience! It is imperative that parents monitor these types of blog posts since internet activity can get iffy from time to time. Not only is it a safety aspect, but parents can be apart of the students’ progression within the classroom and also regarding their writing. It is easily accessible for parents as well as the students. I do not think that blogging should be used for every activity within the classroom setting, since it is still very important that students are applying themselves through pen and paper.


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