Benefits to Blogging

This semester specifically has shown me how blogging can bring many advantages to a classroom.  Before joining wordpress for this class, I my preconceptions of blogging consisted of people complaining on the internet while others followed and commented, or people sharing their opinions in thorough essays that were humerus or completely serious.  The word blogging used to make me think of a lonely individual who never put their computer down and was always writing to please viewers. I never saw any benefits until I actually began blogging for this class.

One particular aspect I really like about blogging is the freedom to write anything, and voice your opinion, while also reading other people’s posts and learning from another point of view.  I think blogging is more casual, and less pressure overall, than writing a few paragraphs on a word document and handing it in.  With blogging, the writer can be writing from any point of view, and not feel the need to be as strict with his or her word choice, or need to follow specific rules of writing in terms of heading, paragraph topics and other elements of essays that are very strict and specific.  Blogging brings a more flexible, engaging, free, and less pressurized participation to a classroom.

Another component of blogging that makes it even more beneficial for a classroom, is the class page that allows students to read each other’s ideas, comment on them, and use as reflection or comparison for their own ideas.  This creates a more natural conversation within the class, which makes the participation less forced.  A teacher can read students posts and provide feedback, even pull out some student’s posts for the class to recognize more in depth.

My new conception of blogging has completely changed.  I will definitely be using blogging in my future classroom, as a great way for students to engage, participate, and contribute to class discussion in a fun, less pressured method.


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