Benefits to audiobooks

I read an article this week that discussed some benefits to audiobooks.  I found the article very interesting because I never really preferred audiobooks myself because I would often find myself daydreaming while listening to them.  After reading the article I found it very interesting how audiobooks could help students in a few different ways.  For the boy that this article was written about, audiobooks gave him a love for reading, he was excited to find another book as soon as he finished his book.  The article discussed how audiobooks provides equality in the classroom because all of the students are able to read the same books whether it be with their eyes or their ears, students do not have to chose books that are lower level just so they can decode them.  They support critical thinking because students are able to read the higher level books who’s texts goes deeper than the lower level books giving them a chance for higher level thinking.  Struggling readers often begin to hate reading because it is hard for them but audiobooks gives them a chance to read along and listen and enjoy instead of being stressed trying to decode the text.  Overall it is giving students the courage they need to branch out and continue to read even if they are struggling.  I think this is a very positive thing and hope that if they follow along with the book in front of them they will begin to pick up on more words and become better readers.


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