5 Smart Ways to Use Digital Images in the Classroom (Again!)


After last week’s class on photography’s use in the classroom- I was intrigued and fascinated with it endless advantages in the classroom. Personally I haven’t really considered how using photography in the classroom, or digital images could really help enhance learning- until last week’s class, the scavenger hunt, and also its useful tactics from this article. I really appreciate how photography in the classroom makes the lesson come alive- in an interactive way for students to visualize. It is a hands-on approach to learning, and allows students to take their creativity and express it through digital images. To reiterate digital images in my opinion is definitely a resource I would love to incorporate in my classroom. Drawing from this article-  an important quote I took from Mike Acedo includes:

“It is important for students to be able to use images as a tool to advance their own knowledge and achievement. In this capacity, students are able to think abstractly about complex ideas and information, transforming the curriculum into more of a narrative they can absorb through creative imagery.”

In essence this article presents a lot of the advantages we discussed last week. I like how Acedo constructed his article around the fact that social media and digital imagery is ever more so present in generations today. They grow up around a screen- whether that be a television, iPad, iPhone etc.  By children having this technological advantage, having photography incorporated in the classroom allows them to touch into their senses and skill of digital imagery to represent themselves and what they know. This article besides discussing the advantages of digital images in the classroom, also gave several examples of lessons that were centered around photography in the classroom. They include:

  • Visual Biographies
  • Photo Essays
  • Visual Storytelling (a lot of what we discussed prior)
  • Photojournalism
  • & even Vocabulary building (also a lot of what we discussed prior)

As seen with these ideas above, the endless options of ideas, and including photography in the classroom is very much possible in any aspect really. I really enjoyed the discussion of photography in the classroom as I mentioned it is a resource I hadn’t really considered.




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