Taking a Leap into Blogging

I watched a video of a teacher in her classroom explaining how she introduced technology in her classroom. She first expressed that she did not have much knowledge about technology, but was willing to learn so that she could teach her student. She introduced the topic of blogging by having a few focus questions. There first assignment, was actually on paper,to write about their favorite food. Then students would read each other’s papers and respond on a sticky note. I think this is a great way to model blogging, which the students very much enjoyed. The next assignment the students completed was writing a blog post on a certain characters point of view, from a book they had read in class. The main focus was to cite and support textual evidence and writing different perspectives in the blog. Then the students would read each other’s blog and respond asking questions in the character’s perspective, to prompt them to write more in their blog. I think this is a great example of how a blog can be used in a classroom. I think it can be used in many other ways as well in order to further discussion. Although the discussion will be taking place online, it can still be discussed aloud. I think it is important for students to read and acknowledge other students work. It gives them a sense of importance and could help them learn something new.



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