Blogging in the Classroom

“…if you don’t know how to effectively implement them into the classroom, they’re only as good as wadded up balls of paper in the trash.” This really stuck with me in that yes, you really only get what you give with educational blogging. It is important to spend time at the front end in order to make sure your students know exactly what a blog is, and how to use it efficiently and appropriately. I never really used blogs until I came to college. Blogging is different for me in that I am always used to writing very formally, with requirements and constraints. I think blogging is a great way for students to get their ideas out without feeling stressed or pressured. As the article states, “And just like a diary or journal, a blog is relaxed, making it an easy and comfortable way for students to get writing.” Some popular blogging sites that the article describes are,, and of course,! I am only familiar with WordPress, and I do think it works for our class.

There are many things to keep in mind while using blogs in the classroom. It is important to set guidelines and standards for using the blog. Students need to know the structure of using a blog before writing. I also think that it is extremely important to learn how to comment appropriately as well as add more ideas to the postings. I think many students would simply agree and state similar ideas that other people have but have trouble coming up with their own because they are allowed to read off of others. Finally, I think using a blog will help students in developing new skills and gaining employment for the future.


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