Blogging: Fun Way For Students To Freely Write

In the article, Blogging in the 21st-Century Classroom, Michelle Lampinen expresses that she found her students were not writing as much as they should be. She realized that blogging would open up opportunities for students to freely write while also addressing the common core standards. In this article, she discusses many reasons why blogging is a great thing to incorporate in the classroom. For instance, students don’t feel as pressured writing on a blog as they do for a formal writing assignment. Therefore, blogging allows these students to practice writing without feeling the stress and pressure that comes along with written assignments. She also said blogging allows students to explore their interests. This gives students motivation for writing and lets them use it in a real-world application rather than just for assignments that are due in that specific class. She also said that she has seen students formal writing improve as a result to blogging, which means that blogging has a positive impact in the students’ writing capabilities. Overall, it seems as though blogging is a great thing to incorporate in the classroom. Although I agree with all these positive remarks Lampinen has mentioned, there is a drawback to blogging. This is that it doesn’t necessarily establish the grammar that is needed to write formerly. In order to establish this grammar, the teacher needs to address this in class and in formal assignments. However, it seems to me that incorporating blogging in the classroom is a great thing, especially for high school students who are exploring their interests.


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