Teacher Blogs

Over the past few years of studying to be a teacher, I have recognized the importance of being an active teacher both inside and outside of the classroom.  Blogs help to make this possible!  I read an article about why it is important for teachers to blog with several reasons.  Not only can teachers have a blog for their classroom, but they can have a blog based on their role as teachers.  Sharing ideas, projects, resources and lessons that were successful in the classroom will give suggestions for other teachers of the same grades.  I know for me, I have seen the value of gaining inspiration from teachers who blog.

Plenty of students are also getting into blogging now because more and more teachers are making blogging a requirement, especially for the students in the upper elementary grades.  If a teacher has his/her own blog already, he or she will be able to foresee any difficulties, learning curves or fears that students make experience in creating their blogs.  Teachers can also model by showing their students their own blogs!  I know when I have my own class, I want to set up both a personal teacher blog filled with lessons and resources, in addition to a classroom blog for parents and my students!




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