Photography in the Classroom

When I was reading the syllabus and saw that we were going to discuss photography in the classroom I found myself very confused. I never really thought of photography extending itself into the physical classroom setting, rather it was something used specifically for art and photography classes. After reading the article, I feel I gained a larger understanding of the true importance photography holds in the educational environment. I like thinking of the endless opportunities students have with taking pictures. Students can use the pictures they take with the cameras to make presentations which can explain aspects of their life, aspects of history, and other endless possibilities. One example which really drew me in was taking pictures of body parts to piece them together. This seems like a very interactive lesson that can help students who are on the visual side of learning engage with the visuals they are going to create. One of the main issues I had to agree with in the article is the issue of damaging the cameras. Students in the younger grades may not know how to correctly utilize this technology and can end up harming the camera. If students are prepped with camera safety then I think it could be very beneficial within the classroom setting. I think there is a time and place for camera use however, so it is important to distinguish the correct lessons to use it in and which to not.


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