Photography in the Classroom

I love the idea of using cameras in the classroom, whether it is for keeping records or providing the students with a fresh experience. One of the most stand out memories I have from 5th grade is when my science teacher created a slide show of things he had photographed in nature. After that lesson he allowed us all to go outside and take our own pictures of different kinds of leaves and rocks. I remember that being one of my favorite days of 5th grade, which shows that allowing kids to go out and photograph things can create motivation to learn in a fun way.

Another way I can see the camera being a great tool in the classroom is creating a scrapbook for the class at the end of the year. Taking photos of some of their favorite lessons and best work would be great to look back on at the end of the year. Students could show their parents and keep their own copy of the yearbook as a memento of all their learning done that year. Using a camera in the classroom is a fantastic way to get students excited and create memories that last forever.


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