Photography Can Transform Student’s Learning

This article provided some fun ideas and benefits to using photography in the classroom.  First of all, it is easy for students, and can be a fun activity to enrich their understanding on anything.  This article described an example of some students taking a camera around school to take pictures of something that is ‘ugly’, and take a picture of something they thought is ‘beautiful’ then when they came back to the classroom, they were all excited to share their photo.  They compared what they found, and had to explain what they found and why they thought it was beautiful or ugly.  This sparks a great writing lesson for the students, and will be engaging for the students because they will be eager to share their pictures and why they chose what they captured.  Photography has evolved a lot over the years, especially lately with new applications to edit pictures to highlight colors, and it has become easier to take high quality pictures with just an iPhone.  Students are into the technology and iPhones and iPads, they probably know more about photography than we do because most of them will take pictures  in their spare time, so it would be engaging to use photography in the classroom, and create a more colorful and visual classroom.


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