Fun Ways To Bring Digital Camera’s Into The Classroom

The main point of this article is to give great examples for teachers to use with their students while using digital cameras within the classroom. The biggest points that are brushed upon included that digital cameras are important because they allow students to all be on the same playing field when it comes to illustrations and different ways to bring art into their work and into the classroom. I never thought about a camera giving students an even chance to include art into their learning process. Now that cameras are not that expensive to put into classroom settings, students all have the chance to use them in daily activities while learning. Some great examples of activities that can be used in the classroom with digital cameras include taking pictures of things that are done in a daily routine so they can create a sequence pattern that is visible in the classroom. Students can also take pictures of different things and create matching games based on phonics or math for lesson activities. I thought that these examples were really cool seeing that they can be manipulated into what students need to focus on while learning in school.


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