Digital Photography in the Classroom

This article

describes ways to incorporate digital photography into the classroom. Before reading this,the only thing I thought you could do with photography is having the students take pictures and using it for show and tell in the classroom. Photography can even be used with kindergartners. The teacher mentions that she it for the students to take pictures to create a class yearbook, along with pictures from class trips and some class activities.It is also used to add pictures to the class newspaper. For older students, they can incorporate photography into presentations and reports. An interesting activity that is discussed is having students edit photos to create all types of designs. For example, this class created a design for a mouse pad to sell at a technology fundraiser. Photos can also be displayed on the school website so other teachers and parents can see what activities students are doing. Another project that was discussed is having the students take pictures of one area at the school for every season, so the students can document the seasonal changes. The article also mentions many other ways to use photography,such as taking pictures of body parts and putting them back together as a puzzle and taking pictures to represent nouns and verbs and much more. I never realized how many learning activities can be done with taking pictures.


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