Digital Photography Enhances Learning

Digital photography is definitely a tool that teachers can use to their advantage in the classroom. When I saw that this was the topic for class this week I googled ways in which digital photography could enhance learning in the classroom. I found a lot of tips. Other teachers said to use pictures of centers and of the children themselves in a pocket chart so the children can see who should be at each center and what the activity at that center should look like. They encouraged sending pictures of students to parents to keep them updated on what’s going on in the classroom. They also recommended pictures of important people in history for games like guess who. After seeing a few of these ideas it was not hard for me to brainstorm a few of my own. I thought of a nature scavenger hunt. For homework the children could have to find and take pictures of plants, trees or animals native to their neighborhood. They could then report back to the class showing them the pictures of what they found. Another idea I had was making a portfolio of student work. The students could take pictures of their work add it to a PowerPoint that they can comment on and share with the class, parents, extended family or post on a class blog. Finally, I think an important benefit of digital photography is for the school year book. It’s nice for students and their families to have the memories of the school year as a keepsake forever. Digital Photography definitely enhances learning if used in thoughtful ways.


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