Different ideas for digital cameras in the classroom

Reading the title of this weeks discussion I was confused about what it meant, but after reading an article about different ideas I understand that it is a big part of the classroom for some teachers.  The article discussed simple things like taking pictures to show parents different things that are happening in the classroom.  I know that my parents always enjoyed receiving pictures of what is going on in the classroom and Im sure others do too.  Something that I never thought of that the article discussed was snapping photos of unwanted behavior to use as records.  I could see this being used but could also see this being something that a parent would get mad about.  Student products are also something that students or parents would like to receive pictures of.  It makes everyone proud including the teachers, parents, and students.  Classroom organization such as having a picture of each student in a pocket chart to use for different jobs.  I think this is a great idea and something that I could see myself using in the classroom.  Another thing that I didn’t think about was how often we use them for gifts.  I remember constantly bringing home ornaments with pictures of my face on them as gifts.  I feel like the ideas for using digital cameras are endless in the classroom but most of them are not educational.  I feel like they are mostly for fun activities or to update parents on what is happening in the classroom.



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