Digital Photography in the Classroom

I never really thought about using digital photography as a means of education in the classroom. Cameras and technology in general was not entirely prevalent when I was in elementary school and this is probably the reason why I don’t really see its use in the classroom. I read an article online called “7 Ways to Use Digital Photography in the Classroom” and it has somewhat opened up my eyes on ways in which teachers can actually use digital photography in the classroom effectively. The previous topics we have been discussing for me, however, seem more useful and effective for learning. Some topics that caught my eye were using digital photography as a means for teaching responsibility. The article takes a new approach of using a “photography badge” that I have never heard of before. This entails having students take photos around the classroom and posting them on a site we previously talked about called Edmodo. I also was intrigued by the idea that a student can take a photo of the most important thing that they learned every day and at the end of the year, have 180 photos. Students can make a timeline of photos and it will spark their memory of what they learned throughout the year. Additionally, I love the idea of parents staying connected in their student’s lives and in the classroom. Teachers can do this with photography. Teachers can post videos and photos on an online blog or site and parents will be informed everyday on what their child is up to in the classroom! I think photography and social media are very interconnected and really cannot exist without each other. Photography also connects with everything else we have talked about, which makes it imperative in technology awareness in this class. Overall, I really love how photography promotes creativity and individuality while learning. Using photography will teach students how to effectively document their learning while teaching them how to stay connected, and be on top of their education.


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