Using SMART Boards

I also agree that SMART boards can be a missed opportunity for incorporating technology in the classroom. I feel as though this is likely due to how teachers do not always have the right training on how to use the technology. I was fortunate enough to go to a brand new high school my freshmen year and every classroom had the SMART board technology. I remember my teachers struggling to navigate the technology and some just ignored its use all together. However, the teacher that used in in their lessons I often felt that I was more attentive to, especially if interaction was involved. Some teachers would simply provide a slideshow using the technology, which may be fine for high school, but in elementary school it is important that students are engaging with the technology instead of being lectured at with a power point.

I found it interesting that the article discussed how teachers don’t use the SMART board as much for social studies as they do for literacy or mathematics. Therefore, I went to lookup some activities that teachers can do with the students using the SMART board. On, there is a couple of games and activities teachers can do with the students on geography and map skills that involve both the SMART board and student interaction. When substitute teaching before, I had used a social studies lesson from Brainpop on the branches of government on the smart board. Students had watched a clip and then as a class we took a quiz. I feel as though this had beneficial results because we had a debate over which answer we should choose and why they think that is the right answer. Therefore, I feel like games, activities, and quizzes on the SMART board can be beneficial for students who are learning new material. It can also allow for discussion to occur if the teacher facilitates it. However, some of the activities on this I feel as though could be more beneficial individually. Therefore, I think a teacher needs to think about whether an activity is more fitting for whole class instruction on the SMART board or individually on an Ipad.



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