SMART boards in the classroom

Thinking back to using smart boards in elementary school I felt like they were very useful and could do many things.  I also was so excited when I would be called on to go up and use the markers and write on the board.  As a teacher today, I feel like they are not as useful as I always thought they were.  I feel like as we discussed smart boards today in class I realized that they are not doing much more than projector or whiteboard can do.  I think that they are fun for a kindergarten class to have to be able to move things around on the board or to watch stimulating videos but I don’t think they are as useful as I used to think they were.  I also found it very interesting that they are not popular anymore and are no longer being sold.

I read this article, 5 Examples of SMART boards in the classroom, which I feel gave some good examples of things that still may be useful to use them for if you have them in the classroom.

  1. Improving classroom management.  It gave examples such as using the smart board to take attendance or lunch choice.  I thought this was a good idea because it gives the students a system to follow each morning for how they should start their day.  It also gives them more accountability and is one less thing for the teacher to be in charge of in the morning.
  2. Minimizes the need for “eyes in the back of my head”.  I did not really agree with this example because I feel like you would need to look at the smart board just as much as something that was being projected in the back of the classroom.
  3. Provides academic and digital learning.  There are many different lessons that could be used such as virtual tools or like the example we discussed today, annotating a dissection or something that could be annotated as the lesson goes on
  4. Builds movement into kindergarten classrooms.  I have observed smart boards being useful in the classrooms and students responding well to visuals and colorful graphics.
  5. Wakes up students with technology.  I also agree with this and think that for students it is a lot more stimulating and interesting way of learning instead of using traditional textbooks.


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