SMART Boards- A Missed Opportunity

I 100% agree that SMART boards are a missed opportunity for teachers. In every classroom that has a smart board here at PC, they are just wall decorations. In the article above, is states, “…the unfortunate reality is that while they have become common in many schools, they are often used as glorified projector screens.” This is exactly what I have been experiencing my entire life. I applaud schools acquiring this technology because I truly do think it could be used effectively and efficiently. When SMART boards and tech boards were introduced into my life, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. However, we used it once or twice then deviated from it real quick. Teacher’s complained about the software, the maintenance, and the overall time it took up from the lessons they needed to get through that day. Specifically, I remember the teachers always complaining about the battery life of the pen that was used. In addition, when we did use the SMART board, it was only the teacher using it. I believe that students should get many opportunities in the classroom to use new technology that is already available to them. I think that if schools and colleges are acquiring these new technologies, I believe they should be easier to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Teachers should get the appropriate training they need every year in order to maximize SMART board’s full potential in the learning process. This article focuses on new techniques and tricks that I, unfortunately, never even knew existed on a SMART board when I am with one 90% of my time at school. This article introduces group note taking, where it is possible to screenshot the day’s lesson and save it as a pdf file to then distribute to the class. I think this could be really helpful and beneficial for both the students when they go home to do homework as well as the teachers for future use within the next year. Furthermore, this article talks about using interactive worksheets and lesson plans for teachers. Overall, I think it is extremely important for teachers to learn how to properly use the technology that is provided. If we keep putting it off and using it as wall art and screen projectors, we are wasting money, time, and opportunities for progression.


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