Smart Boards

As many of my classmates have done I typed into the google search engine “Advantages of Smartboards.” Article after article came up all saying basically the same things, that smart boards increase student participation and allow teachers to incorporate more creative lessons. I have found this to be true in my somewhat limited but diverse teaching experiences. I do not think that smart boards are crucial for every lesson but they do give teachers more diverse ways to teach a certain lesson. I have found smart boards as a useful way to spice up a math lesson. Half way through the lesson when I found the students getting a little restless I put on a math song that reinforced the lesson and re-enganged the students in what they were learning. I also found the smart board extremely useful while teaching english to children in Italy. The smart board allowed me to attach visuals to the vocabulary words and show them real pictures from my life in America to further their understanding of my culture. The smart board technology also allows teachers to make powerpoint for lessons that are just as effective and require less materials than chart paper. Having a smart board in a classroom gives the teacher the power to take a lesson in a different direction of needed. Say the students are learning about whales but they have questions the teacher doesn’t know off the top of her head. The teacher can conduct research on the smart board with the class teaching them more about whales as well as the research process. The smart board just brings with it so many different learning opportunities. I very much hope that I will be lucky enough to have a smart board in my future classroom.


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