Interactive Whiteboards Enhancing Classroom Instruction and Learning

This article is meant to show how the 21st century has adapted the chalkboard and the whiteboard into a helpful and interactive tool for students to use throughout the school day. The most helpful attribute that comes with the smart board is the ability to take anything that is available on a computer screen becomes interactive through the smart boards and students can take it upon themselves to read articles and take part in activities on the screen. This allows students to get fully involved with lessons and research has shown that students perform better on content when they are able to become fully engaged with what they are doing and learning about. There is more than one company that creates smart boards. There is SMART, Promethean, Mimio, Numonics, eIntruction, Polyvision, and other companies who have very similar products to use in the classroom. There are so many choices in order for every school district to be able to afford some type of interactive tool for their students, which is very cool.


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