Advantages of SMART board: in the classroom

     Throughout my years of schooling, up unto college- I have always been aware of what a SMART board was- however I can attest that I haven’t had any teacher actually use it, except for one time in high school. However the time it took to set it up and figure it out usually took a while- and we ended up just using a whiteboard. Usually something doesn’t work on it- such as a button or a screen- but for a vast majority I have no real experience on using a SMART board, specifically in the classroom for a lesson.  In saying, I found it interesting to look up some advantages and arguments that could change my mind on the SMART board and incorporate it into my future classroom. I found a brief article from a ‘Governor Business Solutions’ website that listed not only the importance of a SMART board, but also specific reasons that added to it being more of an advantage. Obviously as this article puts it, a smart board is a “sophisticated replacement of the traditional overhead projector”. In saying a SMART board allows for a more interactive approach to teaching- and allows the students to work hands on and visualize the material better.

This article gave eight reasons that made SMART boards more of an advantage. They include; flexibility, enhancing the teaching/learning experience, way of interacting and sharing, low maintenance, easy access to online information/resources, going green, use of integrating technology in the classroom and lastly a new form of a communication.  Although I agreed with a vast majority of all these advantages- I felt that although they area innovative, there are still other easier methods than SMART boards. As we have seen in class- it is a lot easier to hook up an iPad and or other device to a screen and work with the students from that. I also found the cost of SMART boards to be quite hefty- which may cause it to be a luxury for many classroom or schools that do not have much funding. For this reason hooking an other device may be a more cost efficient method. However,  on the other hand I will agree that a SMART board allows for more participation and hands on work from the students themselves. Overall, I found this article to be enlightening on my no knowledge on the importance and advantages of SMART boards. I am more open to exploring how to use them and also include them in my classroom- if they are provided.



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